Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Creativity Kick-off!

Hello, and welcome to Color My World!

I think I've waited long enough to begin blogging on a regular basis (or at least attempt to ~ yep, there it was ~ the upfront 'yabut' just in case I don't keep up with it!). My excuse has been that I was busy writing my first book, then came the job of marketing it, and then my book tour. Then I began traveling the country conducting workshops, and doing radio and TV interviews. Oh, then I started on my next books ... and a few other product lines ... not to mention a few other projects which I will be unveiling soon!

I now realize that there will never be a perfect time to dive in ~ and so I just gave myself permission to go ahead and jump!

I'm feeling a bit like I've just crash-landed, but I'm here ... so here goes:

My book, 'Color My World' (Psst! ... over there, to the right...)
is part of an interactive learning system for children.

There are also interactive hands-on workshops which I conduct, as well as an interactive website (www.colormyworld.info/). All of these encourage independent thinking, and nurture creativity in fun ways.

In addition, I teach classes around the country; coming up in August 2009, I will be teaching at Chautauqua Institution in NY ... you can check out details here. And I periodically host live, world-wide interactive tele-workshops (via telephone) which I will announce here, so stay tuned for more information! You will NOT want to miss those opportunities!

In this blog, I will offer tips, techniques and tools to nurture creativity and bring out the child in all of us. My tips are not only great ways to teach children to express themselves; they are also tools for you to use in building special moments to bond with the kids in your life.

Along the way, I hope you will allow me to help bring out the kid inside you ~ it's a much happier way to live! ;-)

Here is a tip from my toolbox (and you don't even have to 'find' the time ... you can do this around the dinner table):
  • Whether there are two of you or twenty-two, make up your own story tonight. One person can begin with a plot such as, "Today, I saw a dinosaur walking along Fifth Avenue during my lunch hour." Now, each person takes a turn adding only one sentence each per turn. This can go around the room once, or several times. It will be fun to see how many turns the plot takes with each person's spin.
*SPECIAL NOTE: For an added element of fun, set up a video camera or an audio recorder. This will set up future fun when you go back and listen to it in years to come!

Take THAT to the family table tonight! ...