Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teaching Children That Kindness Works ...

It's not OK to accept anything less from others. Our children deserve to be treated with kindness; however, we know that we can't control what others do ... we can only teach our children how to behave.

With that said, when our children are fully aware of the concept of living with kindness, chances are that they will not accept anything less. And, when they possess high self-worth combined with high self-esteem, they are armed with the right tools to help them navigate through their world when not-so-kind people and situations present themselves.

And how about the 'be kind' campaign in the photo above? That truly is cool!

One of my favorite quotes is, "To know is to understand." When we take the time to 'know' and understand why someone might act a certain way, we come at the situation from a more empathetic angle, and are more apt to be resolution oriented.

In my recent article for Best Ever You magazine, I delve into some important steps we can take to help build those qualities in our children. Click here to read the article in which I interview Dr. Joe Rubino, highly respected Founder of and Creator of and

I believe you that once you are in the 'know' you will understand how to help your child become resistant and resilient to the not-so-kinders of the world.

Wishing you a peaceful and kind day,