Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day ~ Not Just a 3-Day Weekend

The word 'memorial' is defined on as follows:

"Something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc., as a monument or a holiday."

And so, on this 'holiday' weekend, I offer this tribute to preserve those memories:

An Absolute Salute

We enjoy the freedom for which you serve
With a three-day weekend that YOU deserve

With picnics and parties in parks and backyards
While you continue to bravely stand guard

It hardly seems fair, though it stands true
We enjoy freedom which was earned by you

'Thank you' certainly isn't enough, yet it's all we have to give
In return for your service for the life we get to live

Though our thanks are merely words, they are filled with adulation
And heart-felt gratitude from our collective nation

We honor you and pray for your safe return
With grateful hearts and ardent concern

Wishing there was something we could do
To better show our appreciation of you

Until the day that we find a way
To properly thank you, we'll humbly pray

For a peaceful retreat, and the war to end
And your safe return home to family and friends

And to the soldiers you have stood beside
Who died for our country with bravery and pride

We bow our heads with a huge heavy heart
And hope, with empathy, to impart

Upon the loved ones they've left behind
In their selfless effort to better mankind

Our intention to forever honor and embrace
The biggest sacrifice which you face

Every day, every night
You will forever bear this plight

But you bear it not alone, you see
You are forever in our company

Though we may not now each others' face
We honor you and yours with love and grace

Please know that on this holiday, one thing is absolute
It is you, and your loved ones, who WE proudly salute

~With sincere gratitude ...
Debbie Mancini-Wilson

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Helping Kids Deal With Trauma

My heart and prayers are with everyone who is affected by recent tragedies.

When something unexpected hits, we are often thrown into automatic pilot. Although that can be the best way to forge through trauma, and dig our heels in so that we can move forward, it can also hinder other important abilities.

Auto-pilot can have a tendency to impede feelings as it overrides emotions and gives us the tunnel vision necessary to muscle through tough times. However, our feelings and intuitive nature are critical ~ especially when children are involved ~ intuition really should not be ignored.

Our most important role is nurturing and nourishing our children. As difficult as it can be to step outside our role of 'handling' things, sometimes we must simply slow down enough to pay attention. That's when we see signs that can direct us to the path we must follow in order to lead our children to a peaceful place.

Parents, mentors, please make the time to pay attention ... here's a link I recently came across that looks like a great resource. I hope it helps you see signs and make a difference:

(Sorry, I just couldn't get this link to go 'live' but it works if you copy & paste.)!/notes/kidlutions-solutions-for-kids/hope-helping-kids-in-the-aftermath-of-a-tornado/10150197563616889


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Creative Parenting ~ Motivation Marathon

You are invited to this FREE Motivation Marathon on Saturday, 11-June-11. As one of the 8 panelists, I am honored and excited to bring you some of the most comprehensive self-help tips and techniques in one place!

My topic is Creative Parenting; my goal is to help bring a balance to your professional life and your personal life. We will discuss how to accomplish some of the most important components of parenting using fun, effective exercises that can be integrated into your everyday life!

You don't have to 'find' the time or spend a dime to build a better relationship with your kids! My proven techniques will help you live more authentically and happier while helping you pass the same techniques along to your children. Isn't that what parenting should be?

Now, let's project out several years from today ... Don't you want to look back upon these days with fond memories as you watch your kids live a successful and fulfilled life? And you smile as you reflect because you know that things turned out this way because of your desire and ability to design authentic paths through open communication and mutual respect with your kids.

Join us for the first annual Motivation Marathon and learn how to design and pave that path while putting the fun back in parenting.

Speaking of fun ... here is a fun little acronym I use to describe parenting from my perspective ... and hopefully through the eyes of my kids when they look back at me:

Never judgmental

That's about all any of us can hope for, yes?