Sunday, March 25, 2012

Permission to Play~

Yes, playing is fun; however, it also has a deeper purpose. Playing helps develop imagination, creativity, problem-solving and independent thinking skills. These skills help children (and adults!) become better innovators by using their innate abilities to create.

Most of us feel the most alive when we are creating something from the depths of our 'selves' because we are living true to our authentic selves in those moments. Whether we are writing, drawing, painting, working with clay, or cooking the best meal ever, we are creating with a passion which burns from the depth of our soul, and when we produce the end result, the fruit of our labor, that feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment is unmatchable.

Let today be the day you plant a seed to help your child grow into their truest, most authentic self. Today, spend time with your child letting free creative self-expression flow through playful activities. Perhaps you can dance together in the rain, build a castle in the sand, draw pictures, jump rope, hop-scotch, do somersaults in the yard, whatever ... just play!

Allow yourself to feel free when you play, and ask your child in that winded, out-of-breath moment, how he feels right then. Let him tell you the feeling in his belly as he was rolling down the hillside, or how he felt when he stood back and assessed his castle in the sand. Take photos, and write down what you feel are important parts of the conversation so that you not only remember them, but so that you can relive and share them with him later.

The beauty of these magical moments is that they become golden memories for a lifetime. And, let's not forget their deeper purpose ... they help develop innovative abilities, especially when we take the time to briefly document the moment and talk about it later. This not only subtly reinforces the hidden lesson when we relive and discuss it later, it is yet another magical moment which produces another golden memory!

Now, go play! ... You've got permission~