Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get the Heck out of the Way!

As adults, we truly do try our best to help our kids move down the 'right' path, yes?

Well, I've got great news for you ~ sometimes we don't have to try so stinkin' hard!

That's right, I'm giving you permission to NOT work so hard at it!

Sometimes, the best thing we can possibly do for our kids is to get the heck out of their way!

Watch this short (about a minute and a half) video to see what I mean:

"Child's Creativity"

Now, relax and go color something YOUR way!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Are You Having Fun Yet? ...

Now that summer is in full swing, inspiration is all around us! And so, I believe this is the perfect time to use our summer excitement to catapult our creativity... Need a gentle nudge?

Here's a great way to get the creative juices flowing:

Whether you've been away this summer, or have been having fun at home, choose your favorite moment so far, and write a poem about it. Remember that there is still plenty of summer left to create more magical moments! Perhaps you can use that anticipation to write a poem about an upcoming event ... Also keep in mind the fact that poems do NOT have to rhyme.

You know that I LOVE it when you share your poems and stories with me.

With that in mind, I wrote this poem that I'm sharing with you about my recent trip to Oglebay:

My favorite Oglebay Moment …

There’s too many to choose!

I can’t pick just one … I refuse!

So, I wrote this poem to give you a feel

Of a heaven on earth that is oh, so real:

Quiet mornings were spent on the balcony
While birds performed a symphony.

Flowers and trees were in full bloom
Then we returned to a peaceful room.

My ‘work’ was doing workshops with budding poets,
They LOVE ‘Color My World’ don’t you know it?

What an opportunity to teach and share wit,
And I’m grateful for the chance to relax a bit.

We enjoyed soothing massages in their tranquil spa,
Oglebay certainly has something for all!

While I worked, my hubby took a Segway tour.
He had a blast, that’s for sure!

We dined on sumptuous meals with a panoramic view.
And witnessed two beautiful weddings, too.

After a vigorous workout in the gym,
We relaxed in the sauna, then off for a swim.

We walked along nature trails and around the pond,
It’s as though Mother Nature waved her wand.

There were mountains in the distance and a cozy lake,
No better place for a well-deserved break.

Off in the distance, we heard a golfer cry “Fore!”
On our way to the museum and to do shopping galore.

With all that we did, there’s way more left undone,
So, we’re returning soon to scoop up more Oglebay fun!

Meanwhile, I end this poem with a question, though;
There is one thing I’ve got to know …

The director of every fun-filled fiesta
Never seems to get a siesta!

Anne is there, working night and day,
And her enthusiasm doesn’t ever sway.

It’s obvious that her goal is to ensure a good time
But Anne, you’ve GOT to rest sometime!

It seems that you never get to sleep.
When is it YOUR turn to count sheep?

You are certainly the most gracious hostess
Who delivers the absolute mostess!

Your guests are filled with appreciation,
Because you exceed the highest expectation.

So, Anne, my hat is off to you,
For the heart-felt job that you do!

I hope my friends and fans get a chance to visit Oglebay sometime soon! Meanwhile, thanks for being part of 'Color My World' and remember to click on over to my website for more fun and inspiration!

As always, whatever you do, do it creatively and authentically ...

Enjoy the magic~

Monday, July 12, 2010

This Might Seem Like a No-Brainer... BUT...

Yep, that's a big ol' BUT ... buuuut, bear with me here.

Isn't it typically the things that are right under our noses which go unnoticed or taken for granted? I'm thinking ... YES!
Today's Laser Tip is one of those~

One word: Crosswords

Seriously, doing crossword puzzles together with your kids is a great way to:
~keep their brain (and yours) sharp
~build a strong vocabulary (no matter what age)
~spend time together
~build memories
~have fun!

I remember many special moments doing crossword puzzles with my kids, snuggled under a blanket on the couch or in front of a fire in the winter. Other times when we were on vacation and my husband was driving, I'd be doing a crossword puzzle in the front passenger seat, and I'd call out a clue to our sons in the back seat. Often times, it was a collaborated effort to get the right answer; however, some of the 'wrong' answers would spur opportunities for a 'side' lesson.

In addition to filling in the answers on the puzzle, we'd take turns spelling the words and using them in a sentence. This is especially beneficial when there are various age groups participating. Crosswords are generally easy to keep age-appropriate since there is typically a mix of short words and big words.

To make it more fun, you can make 'rules' that the sentence can only pertain to a particular subject or scenario. For instance, all sentences must somehow relate to a zoo. If a clue to a particular puzzle is: Six-letter word for 'a place to learn.' And the answer is 'school,' someone must spell the word 'school' and use it in a sentence pertaining to the zoo. Teens might say something along the lines of, "The last week of school was like a zoo because there was not much structure in our schedule." Younger kids might say, "I'd rather go to the zoo than go to school!"

Either way, there is a hidden bonus here ... insight to what your kid is thinking and feeling. The first sentence might clue you in to the fact that your older child is beginning to prefer structure, even though they might resist it from you at home. And, although it might not be a surprise that your younger child would rather do something more fun than school, it presents you with an opportunity to broach the subject in a gentle manner.

VOILA! Time spent with your kids, future memories, sharpened vocabulary skills, and built-in lessons ... Oh yeah, and you had ... um ... what's a three-letter word for enjoyment? ...

Remember, for more creative ways to have fun with your kids, check out my free interactive website and watch segments of my NBC and CBS morning show appearances on my YouTube Channel. Also, stop by your local book store and pick up a copy of my Best-Selling interactive book for kids of all ages, 'Color My World.'

As always, I LOVE it when you share your creative successes with me ... here or by email:

And, I appreciate it when you pass my information along to your friends!

Until next time,
Enjoy the magic~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Going Somewhere?

My goal here is to provide you with quick, easy-to-apply Tips 'n Tools to nurture creativity and get to know your kids better.

Today's Laser Tip:

Whether you are in your car for 10 minutes headed to a ballgame, or 10 hours on a family vacation, here is a fun tip that you can do together ... everyone can enjoy it at their own level:

  • Spot a billboard with people in it; name each person in the billboard, and build a story around them.
  • Example: Take turns going around to each person in the car. On the first round, identify each person in the billboard and what they do for a living or for fun. Next round, say where they just came from. Where are they going? Is one of them a stay at home parent? What conversation would they be having now? ... Etc.....
  • One billboard can last a long time, or you can start anew with a different billboard.
  • See how long you can keep it going~

Oh, and please post your stories here so that the rest of us can enjoy them, too!

Until next time, have the BEST summer ~ EVER! ... Creatively, of course~