Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Get Creative With Your Kids For The Holidays

Light up your kid's eyes and warm your friends' & family's hearts with thoughtful, useful gifts made with love~

I'll bet your kids would rather roll up their sleeves, have fun, get dirty and creative with you instead of going shopping at the mall for gifts this year! It's certainly worth a try!!!

Below are three ideas for homemade gifts that will not only be fun for you and your kids to make, your friends and family members will appreciate them more than most store-bought gifts!

The really great 'hidden' secret to making these is that you are spending quality bonding time with your kids and creating priceless golden memories of a lifetime! The ‘prep’ work and follow-up plans can be as fun as actually making them…
And, they are NOT your typical handmade gifts … these will truly be enjoyed!

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves? I am giving a brief overview here to keep things simple; if you would like more details or specific recipes/instructions, please email me at harmonypublications@hotmail.com and I will be happy to share them with you!

1. Meal-in-a-jar: (The busy folks on your gift list can relax; you’ve got dinner covered!)
a. Potato & Onion Soup
b. Cornbread Muffins
c. Salad Dressing
i. The ingredients are simple and few. Simply mix specified amounts of each dry ingredient and place in jars with home-made labels ‘from our family to yours.’

2. A Cup of Cocoa: (A quiet moment to warm a friend amid the hustle-bustle!)
a. Mug
b. Measure out powdered hot chocolate mix in small plastic bag and add a few mini marshmallows
c. Tie bag with holiday ribbon and stuff it into the mug
d. Make homemade ‘To’ and ‘From’ tags and tie to mug handle

3. Tea-light Candle Holders: (Light up someone’s holiday with love!)
a. Save tin cans. Make design templates to stick on can. Mom or Dad hammers holes around the designs then removes templates from cans. Kids spray-paint cans in festive colors then sign and date the bottoms of cans. Place small candle in and watch the light shine through the holes.

I can say from experience that the folks on your gift list will LOVE these ... ALMOST as much as you do!

Remember, these weeks of holiday preparation hold just as much fun for you to enjoy as the actual holiday does!

It is my wish that you find joy in the simplest moments ... they are really practice for the bigger moments to come!

Now, go build some great memories~


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My 'Thank You' Gift to You

I am grateful that you are a part of 'Color My World' and I appreciate that you want to learn more about creative self-expression, living authentically, and improving relationships.

With that said, I am offering a free gift to thank you for being a part of my world. I know that as someone interested in living true to yourself, you will enjoy this gift, but I don't want you to keep it all to yourself! It is meant to be shared.

Here is what I mean ...

My gift is a 2-part audio download which is valued at $19.99. I invited a colleague of mine, Dr. Nancy Mramor (drmramor.com), a renowned psychologist, to join me in some free-creative playtime which I recorded for you. In the audio file, I demonstrate 4 solid ways for you to incorporate creative self-expression into your everyday life, and not only is this audio download free to you, the tips that I demonstrate cost you nothing ... so, you don't have to 'find' the time or spend a dime!

You will learn ways to nurture your creativity, and get the whole family involved while you are doing chores, driving to soccer, preparing dinner, etc. Now, car-time and chore-time go by quicker, you'll have more fun, and here's the priceless part ... it's a great way to get to know what is in your kid's head and heart!

Oh, yeah ... you will also be creating golden memories of a lifetime!

These invaluable Tips 'n Tools are so successful that you may never have to purchase a board game again!

Also, here is another way this gift can be shared ... If you have friends/fans you think would appreciate my Tips 'n Tools, please pass this link (FREE GIFT) along to them with a personal note from you letting them know that as my friend, you are sharing in the spirit of giving. They'll love you for it, and I'd love to meet anyone who is a fellow friend/fan of yours! ... Now we are also sharing the love!

Here's how to get your gift ... and again, it is totally free ~ you don't even have to pay shipping/handling or tax! ...

First of all, make certain that you already 'Follow' me on this Blog ... then drop me an email at harmonypublications@hotmail.com letting me know your email address so that I can send you your free gift. If you don't already 'Follow' this Blog, follow the quick two-step process below:

1. Just sign up for this blog by scrolling down the page and hitting the 'Follow' button under my photo where it says 'Friends and Followers' ...
2. Then email me at harmonypublications@hotmail.com to let me know your email address so that I can send you your free gift.

That's it ... it's that simple! You are now on your way to creative authenticity ~ just in time to create some amazing holiday memories with your friends and family!

Welcome, and enjoy~

"It's never wrong to write!"